Popular Types Of Whiskey

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Whiskey is a popular drink in that many people have been using for several decades now. People who have made whiskey their favorite, find themselves filling their flasks. They keep on ordering round after round, as they discuss with friends about their water of life. Whiskey is one of the most lavish types of liquors. This is because ordering another glass often raises the bar. Whiskey brands demand a certain level of sophistication. They also come in overwhelming varieties. Below are the common types of whiskeys. WhiskyRant blog post about best whiskey glasses can also make you find the best ways of enjoying your whiskey.

Scotch Whiskey

Scotch is a type whiskey which is distilled in Scotland. They are distilled twice or three times before they are packed. Scotch is be made from the malted barley, unmalted grains, unmalted barley or a mix. This drink can as well come from a single or several distilleries. No matter the type of whiskey, Scotch is much preferred by a large number drinkers.

Japanese Whiskies

beer Japanese Whiskey does not have wheat or rye; it is instead made of millet, rice, and maize corn. Japanese whiskey was initially fermented in a similar way to that of Scotch whiskey. The approach used in the production of this drink gives it a great innovative taste that highly rates and fit for kingship.


Bourbon whiskey is typically known as the Kentucky’s drink. The bourbon must contain at least fifty-one percent of corn. The other remaining ingredients constitute of wheat, malted barley, and rye. Normally Bourbons are age from three to four years, but lawfully they should be aged a maximum of two years.
Currently, the majority of Bourbon is manufactured in Kentucky. However, it can be made from a state that allows distillation of spirits.


It is very hard to start prohibition without thinking of the Moonshine whiskey. It is a home made type of whiskey. The name is a Slang for alcohol that is distilled at home. Moonshine is made and delivered in darkness. At a time when alcoholic drinks were outlawed, Moonshine whiskey was particularly common. Thus it smuggled in homes and bars.

Moonshine whiskey is made when the sugar is fermented with yeast thus producing ethanol. Initially, the process was illegal, Moonshine was not aged, and at some cases it contained toxins. Currently, it is mainly manufactured in large quantities in Virginia.

Irish Whiskies

Irish WhiskiesIrish Whiskey is a drink that is made in Ireland. It can be manufactured several of methods, the unique one being in a traditional pot. Pot whiskey, are only available from Ireland and they are made by barely. Irish whiskey occurs as a single malt that is made from malted barely and then distilled in a pot still. Grain whiskey is light, and it is rarely put in a bottle by on its own. It is commonly used as the main blender to the single malt. Though there are some similarities between Irish Whiskey and Scotch whiskey, the Irish Whiskey is not involved with the use of peat making it free from smokiness.