Reasons Travel By Bus – Facts To Know


Deciding whether or not to board a bus might be a challenging decision to many. One can go with many other available alternatives. However, the benefits that come with boarding a bus from penang to tioman outweigh the other those from options by far. As such, the decision to travel by bus should be an easy one. Some of the main reasons that should make you opt to rent a bus include:

Comfortableinside a bus

For long distance travels, comfort is a major factor to consider, if you do not want the team to arrive feeling tired and having some body aches. A bus will provide all that comfort that you need. The large seats and proper spacing allow you to sit in whichever position you feel like. The size of the bus also makes it more stable on the road meaning that the ride will be less bumpy, especially when the trip involves using non-tarmacked roads.


Safety is a top consideration when it comes to all kinds of transportation. When the teams travel on different vehicles, the chances of injuries from road accidents, weather hazards, and other complications increase. The rented buses are usually equipped to handle cases such as inclement weather and terrible roads among others. They are well serviced and maintained to ensure that chances of developing any mechanical problem are minimal.


When running a budget, spending economically is the key to success. Driving individually will cost a lot more regarding fuel as opposed to using a bus to ferry a good number of people at once. It is a lot cheaper when compared to using other public transport means, especially for long distances. You will eliminate the need to hire a taxi or another car for local transportation around your destination.

people in a busGroup management

Managing the entire team that is going to the event is made a lot easier when using a hired bus. This is because you can quickly account for everyone all at once, at any time of the trip. Communicating to everyone is also simpler since everyone is on the same bus during the entire trip.

Team building

A long bus ride can be a great opportunity for team building or making new friends and creating memories that will last. If you prefer not to socialize, you can read a book, take a nap to re-energize, or listen to music among many other things.